Ponce City Market & Old Fourth Ward Awesomeness


It's been interesting to watch the change of this very exciting neighborhood over the years. When I moved in to Glen Iris Lofts in 2005 the neighborhood was very transitional with lots of crime and very little going on. The old City Hall East/Sears Building was very aged, very empty and nearly shut down. There was no park, There was no Beltline, There was no AMLI apartments. There was very little at all offered by the neighborhood. The neighborhood worked tirelessly with developers and the city of Atlanta to breathe new life into the neighborhood, then the real estate rash of 2008 hit us like a hurricane on a bunch of beach tents and the plans got put on the back burner. The neighborhood still continued its work and as the market began to change the growth came back in a manner that no one could have expected. What was once the dirty corner of O4W suddenly saw a resurgence like no other part of town. 

First the Beltline and Old Fourth Ward Park began their installation along with a new apartment development from AMLI came into the neighborhood. Once the Beltline got fully installed then Ponce City Market (PCM) began to start their renovation. AND WOW: what a renovation it was. The neighborhood became the talk of the town, Developers began to flock to the neighborhood, home prices rebounded so rapidly many were in disbelief. New apartment developments began to pop up everywhere, New homes began to replace old ones on every block. Old homes were being renovated in an unprecedented fashion. The neighborhood saw change come in epic fashion. There is no wonder today why so many people are looking to move to the neighborhood. What was once a desolate bastion of crime and emptiness has now become a safe walking neighborhood with an elite park, tons of shopping, restaurants, activities, events and excitement everywhere.

Two great groups who have put so much in the neighborhood are the Fourth Ward Alliance and the Old Fourth Ward Business Association. Both of these entities have supplied tremendous input into making this one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Atlanta. I have been fortunate to sell many of the rare lofts that are available in the neighborhood becoming the go to specialist for Glen Iris Lofts, Ponce Springs Lofts and Troy Peerless Lofts directly across from Ponce City Market. I have also been fortunate to sell many other homes in the neighborhood as well. It's a special and interesting place that is worth a visit or perhaps move on in. 

The new flagship of the neighborhood is Jamestown Development's Ponce City Market which has amazing food, entertainment and shopping. The restaurants and food include the exclusive 18.21 Bitters the brainchild of Missy Koeford that crafts the finest cocktail anywhere, W.H. Stiles Fish Camp that has some of the most amazing fresh Oysters in town (ask for my buddy Charmaine and he will make sure you get the best and freshest they have in stock. But it doesn't end there including an amazing Japanese restaurant, Italian, Steak, American, Gelato and many more. You have to see it to believe it. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new venue for event at City Winery you will definitely want to check that place out too. Now let's talk about shopping. Its hard to know where to begin with great stores like Williams Sonoma, West Elm, J. Crew, Karoo, Google Fiber, Michael Stars and many others. The short of it is that you will have a ball and no end to things to do. Lastly, you must check out the Roof Top at PCM. Its' a fun and festive carnival atmosphere with games like ring toss, Skeet ball, weight hammer and more. This is all on top of the building at Ponce City Market with 360 degree views of Atlanta. It is truly breathtaking and a fund place to visit. 

Behind PCM is quick access to the Beltline which gives quick access to Piedmont Park and Inman Park all all that is in between. Its a fantastic amenity that brings the neighborhoods together. Great event like the Lantern Parade center around this area all year long.  It also connects Fourth Ward Park with music venues and some amazing restaurants like Two Urban Licks. Be sure you check it out when you come to the neighborhood. 

So if you are out and about and looking for something cool and fun to do, you will definitely want to put all these on your list. I love the neighborhood and would love to meet you for a drink or something so give me a call and let's do it!

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